Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Services offered

Bussiness Process Rengeneering

Legacy processes are the major obstacle in the effort to reduce complexity and rationalize the operation of corporations. Gradual introduction of automation results in operating procedures that are far from optimum. Our skills will ensure that your processes are improved as is your software. These improvements impact your bottom line in a positive way and free you from the drawbacks that held you from conquering your markets.

New Functionality Introduction

Using software packages is a major decision for a corporation. After one is introduced in the corporate operations your vendor usually feels relaxed. At the same time the velocity with which your needs are evolving is comparable to the speed of light. This is the time you come to realize that the velocity with which your vendor's software evolves to respond to your actual needs, is comparable to the "speed" of a limping turtle, using the same scale. And this is where we come in. Using our skills we can accommodate any additional requirements in place or until your vendor catches up with us. Packages are also notorious for their "ability" to completely cover your needs. Any gap in this field is our specialty.

Architectural design decisions

You plan to build a business and you know what you want to achieve. You have prepared everything but the software that you will need to support your business. At this time you can call us and find out how you will manage to have each and every penny you spend, invested in the most efficient way. Both hardware and software considerations are our specialty. Furthermore, the kind of application that is most appropriate for you, the way to buy or develop it and any flavour in between is our responsibility. Building any type of application should be a managed and scientifically definable task, or that is what you might think. Wrong! It still is a heuristic approach and the experience and skill of your consultant is the most crucial factor to allow you to benefit from best practices and smoothen the bumpy road that lies ahead.